Top Varieties Of Kashmiri Apples | Types of Kashmiri Apples

Crisp and sweet apples are full of fiber and Vitamin C. Unlike other fruits, apples grow at a moderate temperature like Kashmir.

An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away!

Kashmiri Apples hold a unique identity in the global arena. It is the backbone of Kashmir’s Income, It almost constitutes 60% of income directly and indirectly.

China is the leading producer of Apple amongst other producers across the globe.

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Types of Kashmiri Apples

There are mainly seven types of traditional Kashmiri Apples grown on a commercial scale in Kashmir.

  • Delicious
  • Kulu Delicious
  • Kinor
  • Golden
  • Jonthon
  • Maharaji
  • American
  • Ambri
  • Balgaria
  • Trel


Delicious type of Kashmiri Apple

Delicious is one of the top famous varieties of Kashmiri apples. Delicious or Red Delicious Apple is a world-popular and most widely grown variety of apples in Pulwama, Shopian, Kulgam, and the Sopore region in Kashmir.

The best quality of this Delicious Apple is found mainly in Shopian and some hilly areas of the Kulgam district. It is produced in large amount of quantity across the valley.

The color or the skin of delicious is blush red and the texture is smooth. The flesh of the Red Delicious apple is greenish-white and grained, sweet and juicy. Its crispiness and aromatic features made it more attractive.

The size of the fruit may vary from medium to large. The fruit can be found abundantly in the local market immediately after it ripens from mid-September to October.

Kullu delicious

Kullu Delicious Kashmiri Apple famous
Kullu Delicious Apple

Kulu Delicious is the second-largest top variety of Kashmiri apples produced in Kashmir. Its skin is more reddish or dark red in color.

The price of this apple is a lit bit higher than the delicious apple because of its color. The taste of Kullu delicious is a lit bit less than a delicious apple.


Kinor Kashmiri Apple
Kinor Kashmiri Apple

The third-largest produced apple in Kashmir is Kinor, its color is more attractive than that of delicious and Kullu delicious.

The market value of this apple is also greater than delicious and similar to the Kullu delicious.

Golden delicious apple

Godlen Delicious Variety of kashmiri apple
Golden Kashmiri Apple

Golden delicious apple is a conical-shaped, small, and medium-sized fruit popularly known for its freshness and longer shelf life is crispy, white, juicy, and thick which is green in color and turns yellow on ripening.

golden delicious half ripe apple
Golden Kashmiri Apple

Its Sweet taste and smoothness make it an excellent ingredient of dessert. This variety ripens in late October and is available in the market till January.


Another popular variety of apple Jonathon also known as Red Golden known and grown especially for pollination purposes, its shape is quite similar to the golden apple but a different color.

The color of this apple is dark pink or something similar. It also tastes very good and juicy. It has also a good market value.


maharaji kashmiri apple not ripe
Maharaji Apple

Maharaji Apple is a large-sized apple with bright red color on a green base. It has some conspicuous dots.

The skin of the fruit is crisp, juicy, and aromatic yet the taste is a bit acidic. This variety ripens in late October and it remains fresh for a longer period of time and gets sweeter with time.


It is also a hybrid grown in small quantities across the valley.

Ambri Kashmir

Ambri is the most popular and considered to be the indigenous production of apple in India grown in Himalayan hills.

Ambri kashmiri apple fruit

It is widely famous for its crispiness, aroma, flavor, and attractiveness. Generally, this kind of Apple is fully ripe in the month of October and stays fresh for a long period.

Ambri Apple is blush red, slightly striped, medium in size and conical in shape.

Over the period, Ambri apples are grown less in the Himalayan Hills, and instead, the production has increased in the Shopian and Kulgam areas.


Bulgaria kashmiri apple
Bulgaria apple

Bulgaria is a hybrid variety of apples grown for pollination. It tastes very sweet and sugary. Its market value is also fine, mid-range price.

American Trel

american trel kashmiri apple
Trel Apple

This kind of Apple is small and round-shaped and quite juicy. American Trel is very crispy and sweet in taste.

The skin of the fruit is white greenish and sweet. This apple ripens in September and is out on market by mid-September.

It offers good taste in desserts and is comparatively much cheaper in price. This variety is popular with customers for its absolute shape, red color, and cheaper price.



  1. Which is the main fruit crop of J&K?


  2. Which district is the largest producer of apples in J&K?


  3. Which is the most commercial variety of apples in J&K?

    Red Delicious

  4. Which is the most commercially used apple pollinating variety in J&K?

    Golden Delicious

  5. Name the pollinizers for apples.

    Golden Delicious, Red Gold, Granny Smith, Red Fuji. Crab apples etc.