Best New High Density Apple Varieties In Kashmir

Apple growers in Kashmir are delighted with the high yield and high prices of the top high-density apple varieties.

In Kashmir, these are some of the top and best new varieties of high-density Kashmiri apples being planted the most are listed as:

  • Jeromine
  • King Roat
  • Gala
  • Scarlet
  • Red Velox
  • Scarlet Spur-II
  • Super Chief
  • Redlum Gala
  • Auvi Fuji.

High Density Apple Varieties In Kashmir

There is a good pace, hope, and joy for the Apple growers in Kashmir after seeing the high yield in the high-density apple varieties and also double the rates of traditional apples of Kashmir.

red velox high density

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The most common types like Jeromine, Red Velox, and King Roat are one of the best high-density apple varieties in Kashmir.

Both these, according to apple growers, have been sold for a thousand rupees per 10-kilogram box, which is double the rate compared to Kashmir’s traditional Delicious varieties.

In Kashmir, high-density apple varieties are currently being grown on about 10,000 kanals of land.

apple tree

Most of these high-density trees were planted after cutting and replacing the old traditional apple trees with the hope of high yield and less expenses on spray and also less labor cost.

But the fact here is that the taste of these new apple varieties is less as compared to the traditional Kashmiri apples like Delicious, Golden, Bulgaria.

Pink Lady is found to be the best pollinator for high-density apple orchards.

Following are the horticulture department recommended varieties of new high-density apples for Kashmir:

  • Super Chief
  • Red Fuji
  • Coe Red Fuji
  • Silver Spur
  • Fuji Zehn Aztec
  • Red Velox
  • Gala Redlum
high density

Some Spur types of apples

  • Silver Spur
  • Gold Spur
  • Red Chief
  • Oregon Spur
  • Well Spur
  • Bright-N-Early
  • Super Chief

Required For High Density Apple Orchards

Note:- In India, Apple is grown in Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, and also it is extended to Nagaland, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, and Meghalaya.

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