20 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Kashmir

Kashmir is one of the most beautiful travel destinations to visit in India.

Kashmir is no doubt, Heaven on earth, the green scenic landscapes, icy glaciers, fresh waterfalls, pristine lakes, green meadows, beautiful valleys, and lofty mountains.

Be it Summer, Autumn, Winter, or Monsoon, every season has its own charm in Kashmir.

1. Pahalgam

pahalgam kashmir

Pahalgam is one of the World Famous Tourist locations in Kashmir. It is about 50-60 kilometers away from the Anantnag District.

It is the most visited picnic spot and tourist place in Kashmir. It is famous for its greenery, forests, Rivers, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Golf Games, Beautiful Gardens, and Parks.

There is a big Amusement Park on the Bank of River, best suited for adventure lovers.

2. Gulmarg

Gulmarg is also one of the Most Famous and Popular tourist spots in Kashmir.

It is also very rich in beauty, nature, and pastures. It is about 200 Kilometers far from Srinagar.

The most favorite thing about Gulmarg is the Gondola Ride ( Cable Car ) which nobody wants to miss.

Inside Cable Car, you will get mad about the beauty and view from the gondola ride with greenery and greenery.

Also, it hosts various Winter Games like Skating as it gets the big heavy snowfalls on the Slanty and Sleepy Hills which makes skating possible.

3. Betaab Valley

Betaab Valley is a very Romantic place which is located 15 km from Pahalgam in the Anantnag district.

It is a valley surrounded by Mountains with a Beautiful River flowing in it.

It has a Romantic climate, breathtaking location, Green parks, and dancing streams cutting through the valley making it one of the best places to visit in Anantnag Kashmir.

4. Nigeen Lake

Nigeen Lake is one of the best places to visit in Kashmir. It is the most popular place to enjoy a Shikara Ride or to Stay on a houseboat.

Carrying the oldest legacy of Kashmir, different Historical and natural landscapes around the lake make it a hot favorite place in Kashmir.

5. Wular Lake

Fed by river Sutlej, Wular lake is a popular tourist attraction at a distance of 65 km from Srinagar. It is located in the Bandipora district.

Wular Lake is one of the Largest lakes in Asia. The Travelers enjoy the shikara ride and the beauty is breathtaking.

It is also the best place for Photographers and Nature Lovers.

  • Picnic spot
  • Photography
  • Family Travel.

A stay in the wonderful hotels and cottages around the valley is highly recommended. Island Resort, Hotel Himalaya House, and Forest Hill Resort are a few of them.

6. Mughal Gardens

mughal garden
Mughal Garden

The Mughal Garden is a lovely and Romantic tourist attraction in Srinagar Kashmir.

Holding Dal Lake in the background, it encloses beautiful moments, Parks, and monuments.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, a beautiful Treasure of the Mughal Empire following the Persian Style of Architecture.

The garden keeps flourishing with greenery and various beautiful flower species and is a prime attraction close to Dal Lake.

Some More Mughal Gardens: Shalimar & Nishat Bagh, deodar forest hills, and Tulip Garden.

7. Dachigam National Park

dachigam national park leopard, tiger

The Dachigam National Park falls under its wide area of 141 sq. km.

It is located 22 Kilometers far from the capital Srinagar.

Dachigam is known as a popular dwelling spot for Kashmiri Stag and Himalayan black bear among other species of flora and fauna.

Popular attractions Nearby: Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Nokrek National Park, and Karnala Bird Sanctuary.

8. Tulip Garden

tulip garden srinagar kashmir

Tulip Garden is a World famous tourist location as it is the 2nd Largest Tulip Garden in the World.

Thousands of Rows of tulips of different colors with mighty Zabarwan Hills in the backdrop sound like Heaven on earth.

Well, this tulip garden offers views that will surely take place in your heart and mind forever, And the cool breeze along with the sweet fragrance of thousands of tulips is the most Relaxing and Romantic part of your life.

Best Suited: Picnic, photography, family tour, cycling.

Popular places Nearby: Hazratbal Mosque, Jama Masjid, Pari Mahal

9. Pari Mahal

Pari Mahal is a stunning historical monument situated right next to the Chashme Shahi Garden splendid with beauty and art.

Built-in the classic Islamic style of architecture, this palace is one of the most significant historical structures that seem to be a very fascinating place.

It is also known as the home of fairies situated right on top of the Zabarwan Hills.

A glimpse into the Mughal lifestyle and Architecture, this place also attracts a number of history and nature lovers owing to the beautiful views and the lovely gardens.

Pari Mahal is known for Terraced gardens and Mughal architecture.

Popular attractions around Pari Mahal: Hazratbal Mosque, Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, Jama Masjid

10. Dal Lake

dal lake kashmir
Dal Lake

One of the best places to visit in Kashmir is surely The Dal Lake which is known to have defined the town in one word- Heaven!

Dal Lake is the hottest and most Romantic place for couples to stay on a houseboat.

It offers you an absolutely splendid view with a lush green mountainscape in the background and a crystal clear reflection of the sky falling upon the surface of the lake just to make it more pristine in every sense.

It is the favorite place for tourists to take a long shikara ride or a boat ride as it is spread across a vast area.

Dal Lake is known for: Shikara Ride, Char Chinar, Honeymoon, and Travel.

Popular attractions near Dal Lake: are Nishat Garden, Mughal gardens, and Shalimar Bagh.

11. Char Chinar

char chinar island kashmir, dal lake

Char Chinar is the Mesmerizing Island in the middle of The Dal Lake with beautiful 4 Chinar Trees on it.

If you want to take a Shikara ride on the Dal Lake with your partner or family ask the boat rider to take you to the char chinar island.

You will be amazed to see char chinar in the middle of the dal lake and the most perfect place to take pictures.

12. Botanical Garden

A magnificent botanical garden with mesmerizing views and spectacular scenery of Dal Lake in the background, With an absolutely peaceful atmosphere in the surroundings.

The botanical garden is the favorite place for picnics and family travel.

Nehru Garden is famous for 15,000+ flowers, ornamental plants, and oak varieties.

Popular attractions nearby: Chashma Shahi garden, Nelo Arts, and Tulip garden

13. Chashme Shahi

Chashme Shahi is the most beautiful place to visit in Kashmir. It is very rich in beauty and glamorous sceneries perfect place for relaxation.

It offers beautiful waterfalls with crystal clear water, believe me, you will not be able to control yourself to take a bath in the natural shower.

Chashme Shahi is known for its gorgeous waterfalls and the scenic beauty of the city.

Popular attractions Nearby: Pari Mahal, Zabarwan Park

14. Shalimar Bagh

Located on the outskirts of the city, the Shalimar Bagh is one of the biggest gardens in Kashmir with extraordinary beauty and Glamour.

It was built in 1619 by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir for his beloved wife Nur Jahan.

This place attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world who come just to witness its horticultural charm.

Shalimar Bagh is known for Mughal horticulture.

Popular attractions around Shalimar Bagh: Dal Lake, Nishat Bagh, Hazratbal Shrine

15. Nishat Bagh

Nishat Bagh is the most beautiful of all the Mughal gardens of Kashmir, Nishat Bagh is situated on the banks of the Dal Lake.

Also known as “the garden of bliss”, the Nishat garden has the Zabarwan Mountains as the backdrop making it the best Romantic place.

You will Witness the blooming flower beds, the lush green lawns, and the beautiful fountains inside the little water canal.

Nishat Bagh is known for Picnic, Leisure, Family Tour

16. Yusmarg

One of the most favorite places to visit in summer is Yusmarg Located in Budgam.

Yusmarg is known for its long and vast area of green pastures. Yusmarg is a little paradise perfect place for nature photographers.

You just sit down on the bank of the Dudh Ganga river to listen to the most relaxing music from the flowing water.

You can also go hiking or trekking as there are plenty of trekking places in yusmarg and its nearby places.

Nearby: Nilnag lake, Doodhpathri

17. Manasbal Lake

One of the popular tourist places in Srinagar is Manasbal Lake, a wonder of nature surrounded by the Baladar mountains to the east.

Surrounding the supreme lake are the villages of Jarokbal, Kondabal, and Ganderbal.

You can imagine the mesmerizing views around, the cold lake, the winds, and a lot of silence with only the sound of birds to hear.

The lake is famous for the lotus growth in the plant which is harvested and marketed by the local people.

Manasbal Lake is known for Birdwatching, Shikara ride, and Photography.

Popular attractions around Manasbal Lake: Mughal Garden, Jharogabagh Fort, Apple Orchards, Wular Lake

18. Badam Wari

One of the best tourist places in Srinagar if you are traveling with kids and family, Badam Wari is one of the best gardens in Kashmir.

The early bloom and breeze in the trees of this garden are splendid attractions for tourists and nature lovers.

Inside it, you can find a covered dome, vegetation dotted with flowers, and cascades that provide a soothing experience for visitors.

19. Sinthan Top

Sinthan Top on the top of the mountains you fill catch a bird’s eye view of the whole region.

It is a mountain pass nestled in the mountain ranges of Pir Panjal.

On your visit, you will find hundreds of Trekkers and Mountain climbers in the region and herds of sheep and goats.

Sinthan Top is Popular for Trekking, Mesmerizing views, Picnic

Popular places nearby: Achabal, Dacksum, and Kokernag

20. Nehru Garden

Nehru Garden is a magnificent botanical garden with splendid and mesmerizing views perfect to find peace of mind and soul.